Top Tips to Enhance Your Holiday Branding with Stickers

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The holiday season presents a golden opportunity to spread festive cheer, express gratitude to your loyal customers, and infuse creativity into your branding efforts.

Are you ready to work some holiday magic? Explore these seven innovative ideas to make your brand shine during this holiday season, leaving a lasting impression throughout the year.

Craft Branded Sticker Ornaments for Your Product Shipments

Consider designing delightful hang tag-style ornaments in the form of stickers. Feature creative holiday-themed imagery on the front, and utilize backside printing to convey warm holiday wishes from their favorite brand.

Gift “To/From” Sticker Sheets to Your Customers

Give your customers a little extra holiday joy by including a sheet of “to/from” stickers as a freebie with their orders. Create these specialized stickers with a festive twist—perhaps incorporate your logo or add cheerful imagery that will make their wrapped presents stand out beautifully.

Adorn Your Storefront with Winter-Themed Window Stickers

Capture the holiday spirit by adorning your storefront with winter-themed window holiday stickers. Promote doorbuster sales, craft snowy and festive scenes, or share messages of good tidings and greetings to catch the eye of passersby. From snowflakes and candy canes to elves and menorahs, let your storefront tell the world you’re in the holiday spirit.

Infuse Festive Flair into Your Packaging

Go the extra mile during the holiday season by infusing your packaging or supplies with a festive touch using seasonal stickers. Transform your packaging into a gift-like experience by adding stickers and tissue paper, or apply a holiday-themed version of your logo to your disposable coffee cups.

Utilize Holiday-Themed QR Code Stickers

Make the most of QR codes by incorporating holiday-themed stickers that direct traffic to your social media accounts or website. Elevate the appeal by placing a Christmas tree or Santa Claus image on the QR code, making it even more enticing for customers.

Express Gratitude with “Thank You” Stickers

Show your appreciation to customers who shop with you during the holiday season by including “Thank You” stickers adorned with festive designs. These small tokens of gratitude will resonate with your customers and spread holiday cheer.

Create Specialized Mailing Stickers

When you need to communicate important information to postal services, custom mailing stickers are the solution. Craft stickers with messages like “Do Not Bend” or “Fragile” to ensure your deliveries reach their destinations intact.

These seven creative ways to incorporate stickers into your holiday branding efforts can help your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression on customers during the festive season and beyond.